Hiking Tours Project

A new concept for hiking areas

Walking holidays in Spain

We have a brand new concept in the pipeline that is going to revolutionise the concept of hiking tours.

Our idea is simply to harness the power of new technology to provide benefits to both rural communities and hikers alike.

So exactly what is the project and how are we going to do it. The pilot project will link together the 55 villages in the Costa Blanca Mountain region with the best trails available. Designed to avoid dull road walking and take in the most interesting features the trails will allow you to walk from any village to any village in the area that has accommodation available. This means you can design your own inn-to-inn trek choosing the routes that most appeal to you to create an hiking tour itinerary that suits you.

To make this happen we will be harnessing two new technologies, interactive Internet maps and GPS. From the routes we have found and the available accommodation we will create an interactive map. On this map you can click on any village where you would like to start and then click on any village you would like to go to. This will bring up a window with the accommodation available and the route details (distance, ascents and points of interest), if you like the sound of it you then click the ‘Add To My Itinerary’ button. You continue on to the next village and repeat the process until you have created the itinerary you want for as many days as you want. The process will be open to comments and feedback about the routes and accommodation from other trekkers so with time you will have the perfect tool for designing your ideal trekking holiday.

With over 1000 km of routes to choose from written directions would be quite impractical, so we are recording all of our routes with a handheld GPS device which you will either be able to download or have them pre-installed on a GPS we provide. The service will include options for airport pick-up and luggage transfers between villages.

The amazing thing about this is that it will be completely free to you,  you just pay the accommodation their standard price plus the cost of any baggage or airport transfers. What do we get out of it? We charge the accommodation a small commission which cannot be passed on to you, so it cuts out the middleman completely – I did say there may be a few noses put out of joint – and the fixed trekking itineraries that walking holiday companies normally offer. It gives the power of choice back to you and helps the local community because cutting out the middleman means you have

The Costa Blanca Mountains will be a pilot to test the project, if it works we will be extending the idea to other hiking regions. If you like the sound of this project and would like find out more or to be kept up to date then just fill in the form and we’ll be in touch as soon as the project is launched.