Please review our FAQ's


How do I get to the start of my holiday?

We will meet you at the nearest airport or railway station or port  and transfer you to the first hotel or, in the case of centred walking holidays, to your accommodation.

Costa Blanca MountainsAlicante airport or Xeraco railway station if you fly to Valencia.

Picos de EuropaSantander airport, Bilbao airport, Santander ferry port or railway station.

CastellonBarcelona airport and railway station

Public transport is available for some departures between airports and starting points. If you travel by public transport to and from your holiday we will make a low-carbon discount off the cost of your holiday.

What is the difference between walking and trekking holidays?

Walking holidays are based in one village with walks out into the surrounding area while trekking holidays are itinerant with stays in a different village every night.

How long have you been in business?

We have been organising walking and trekking holidays since 2002, initially working for for tour operators in the Costa Blanca Mountains area but in 2013 we launched this website to cater for our own clients.


Do I need special insurance?

Yes, we require you to have sufficient travel insurance that includes cover for accidents and, if possible, cancellation.

Many of our routes include sections that are inaccessible to vehicles so should you twist an ankle or suffer any sort of medical problem then you may have to be evacuated by a mountain rescue helicopter, this costs around 3,000 € per evacuation.

We cannot be held liable for any evacuation or medical costs. You can get cover from as little as 15.00 GBP per person from www.direct-travel.co.uk.

Emergency medical attention can be obtained locally if you have your European Health Card with you

Do I sign a waiver?

No, none of our walking holidays adventure holidays but we do require you to take out accident insurance cover. None of our walkers have ever had any sort of accident but it is worth being prepared just in case.


How do I pay for my holiday

You can either pay online or cash when you arrive. If you wish to pay online we will send you a link to our secure payments page, click on the link and then follow the screen instructions. We use the PayPal payment gateway through which you can pay either by credit card or PayPal.

To pay in cash there are ATM’s in all of the main accommodation villages

When is full payment due?

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Is a deposit required?

No deposit is required for trekking or self guided holidays, you just pay for your holiday in full 30 days prior to your departure date.

A 20% deposit is required for guided walking holidays when your booking is confirmed.


Do I need a passport?

Yes, you will need a valid passport or identity document to travel to Spain. Make sure that it covers both your outward and return journeys.

What should I bring?

Apart from your day rucksack and walking boots we recommend you consider bringing:

  • Light waterproof or anorak
  • Wide brimmed hat
  • Sun cream factor 30+
  • Long and short trousers or walking trousers that can be shortened as some of the narrower paths have spiny overhanging vegetation.
  • A small first aid kit for cuts, bruises and blisters.
  • A fleece.

From November to February woolly hat, scarf and gloves may not be a bad idea especially on the treks where the combination of a cold snap above 1000m means you may encounter snow and cold wind.