Walking in Spain

Get into the heart of the countryside

Walking in Spain gets you into the heart of the countryside.

Walking in Spain means peaceful villages where the easygoing pace of life ambles along to the rhythm of the annual cycle from harvest to harvest, where everybody greets everybody and where the wisdom of millennia resides.
Verdant valleys where the land has been farmed for millennia, steep slopes levelled into terraces where orchards of almond, orange, olive, cherry and apricot jostle for space to yield their delicious fruit.
High sierras where only shepherds roam, where the complete silence is broken only by the wind and the occasional chough cawing overhead. Here solitude is guaranteed.
You can choose between guided tours, with the benefit of a guide who can share his interest and knowledge about all aspects of the area, or self guided walking holidays.
Our local tour guides have many years experience walking in Spain and, have both a passion and a deep knowledge about the countryside, its wildlife, culture, geology, history … in fact just about anything you would like to know about the area and its customs.
Self guided walking holidays offer more flexibility in terms of the itineraries, type of routes and the pace of the walks. These are not set in stone so we can adapt them, making them longer or shorter, to suit you. Whatever you are 
New walking holidays in Los Picos de Europa and Castellon are in the pipeline for 2017.
 Walking in Spain