Self guided walking holidays

Self guided walking holidays offer more flexibility so you walk with who you choose to and at the pace you want to.

Self guided walking holidays can be itinerant trekking holidays, single centred or multi centred.

Self guided walking holidays – trekking 

These holidays are for those with an adventurous spirit and who really want to get off the beaten track and discover the countryside and culture of the area. They give travellers a unique insight into the way of life in a variety of small rural villages. The ongoing nature of these holidays means that rest days must be pre-programmed, walkers need to have some idea about their own capabilities in terms of distances and ascents that they can realistically undertake. Self-guided trekking holidays allow walkers to choose their own pace, when and how long they stop for and with whom they wish to share their holiday.

Self guided walking holidays – single centred

The walks generally start and/or finish in the village where the accommodation  is located or a starting point close by. You have a choice of a variety of routes of differing difficulty and you can decide which order you want to do the routes in. Unlike the trek, you can settle into your accommodation for the week and take days off according to the weather and your own preferences. As with the treks you decide who to share your holiday with, the pace of the walking and where and for how long you stop along the way. In addition if you prefer to do your own cooking you can go self-catering with later savings in the cost of your self guided walking holiday.

 Self guided walking holidays – multi centred

Multi-centred self guided walking holidays are based in two or three centres. These share most of the characteristics of the single centred holiday, you decide who to share your holiday with, the pace of the walking and the stops, with the difference that all the walks start and finish at the accommodation and you transfer by car to the next destination if they are far apart.

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Self guided walking holidays, view from the Serra Carrascal de Parcent