Trekking in Spain

The freedom to roam

Trekking in Spain means the freedom to roam, explore new landscapes and different cultures.

It means that each day is different, unique and captivating. Every footpath a new journey with a continually evolving backdrop, provoking the imagination and stimulating the senses. Trekking in Spain is an antidote to modern life.
To trek is to immerse in the journey, to be in continuous motion towards the next horizon, enticing us to travel deeper into this new and alluring landscape and forget the routine.
We have tried to capture this essence of the sense of journey in our trekking holidays, so our treks are treks avoiding transfers, repeat routes and main roads. Each trek is unique and each day exclusive. Routine is out, every dawn brings a fresh and untouched day to relish.
 The treks can last from seven to twenty days, none of them are set in stone so can be freely adapted to suit you – shorter, longer, include rest days or extra days to explore – we are here to make sure you get the holiday you want, not what we think you want. If you want to adapt a trek to suit you then let us know and we can tailor our trekking holidays to give you the holiday you want..
All of our trekking in Spain holidays are self guided, so you choose the pace you walk at, the company you prefer, stop when and for as long as you like.
We take care of transferring your luggage and always have somebody on hand locally to help you out if needed. Route notes and A4 route maps at 1:20,000 are standard as is a handheld GPS, which is the safest and most reliable method of navigating in mountainous terrain.
New Trekking in Spain holidays are in the pipeline for 2017 for the Los Picos de Europa and Castellon .
Trekking in Spain Trekking Spain

Trekking in Spain – The Picos de Europa