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The Valleys, The Vall de Gallinera

The Valleys are host to some of the most beautiful countryside in Alicante Province and possibly all of Spain.

The combination of deep, fertile valleys and lofty, inaccessible sierras create a landscape of contrasts and variety that is hard to equal. Add to this the amazing biodiversity, the rich history and fascinating culture and you have all the ingredients necessary for a memorable walking holiday.
The routes follow footpaths, tracks and quiet country lanes through the valleys and  include visits to many of the typical small farming villages that dot the valleys with their shady squares and refreshing springs. Included in your itinerary are the valleys of Guadalest, the Tàrbena  the Jalon  the Gallinera, the Alcalà  and Laguar.
The Guadalest valley and its impressive castle is flanked by the high sierras of Aitana to the south and Serrella/Aixortá to the north. It is intensively cultivated with almonds and olives on the upper slopes and neatly laid-out orchards of nisperos and citrus fruits in the valley bottom along the course of the river and down to the Altea on the coast. This valley is the largest of all the valleys that you will be visiting.
The Tàrbena Valley features rugged terrain where over the centuries the inhabitants have converted the steep mountains into a continuous series of terraces and drystone walls that enables them to farm every square meter of cultivable land. To the north it is dominated by the impressive sierras of Ferrer and Bernia while to the south a 300 meter deep and impassable gorge protects its southern flank. Panoramic views of the surrounding valleys and mountains is the most notable characteristic of this isolated and inaccessible valley.
The Jalon Valley is renowned for its vineyards and wines, especially the white Mistela which is a local speciality. This broad valley is lined with well tended terraces of vines, oranges and almonds and populated with nine villages typical of small farming communities in the area. After the walk we’ll take the opportunity to stop for a wine tasting at one of the local wineries in Jalon.
The Gallinera Valley and its eight small villages surrounded by carefully tended terraces is the centre for cherry production in Alicante province, the excellent climate and growing conditions produce a high quality crop that is mostly exported to northern Europe.
The Alacalà Valley is renowned for the villages and hamlets abandoned by the Moors 400 years ago after their expulsion to North Africa and as the home of Al-Azrak, the last Moorish ruler to resist Christian reconquest of these mountains and whose virtually unassailable castle lies within the parish. Some of the interesting features include an 18th century ice house, where snow was collected during the winter and compacted into ice, a fascinating moorish cave dwelling and the Foradada, a natural rock arch with special  local significance and history.
The Laguar Valley (The valley of many springs) is made up of four main villages (Campell, FleixBenimaurell and Fontilles) set between the mountain ranges of the Cavall Verd and Migdia. It is famous for the impressive gorge called the Barranc del Infern (Hell’s Ravine) popular for canyoning and walking the Moorish mule tracks that descend and ascend with more than six thousand stone steps. Tranquility pervades this picturesque valley and is, like the nearby Gallinera Valley, famous for its cherry production. It is also an excellent example of the exceptional walking countryside that Spain offers.
The Valleys guided walking holiday is a great way to experience the Mediterranean way-of-life, sample the local cuisine, enjoy beautiful countryside and is an undemanding introduction to walking in Las Marinas.
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