The Mallorcan’s Way

Four centuries ago thousands of Mallorcans left their island home to undertake an epic and unprecedented journey.

Hunger and famine drove them to seek a new life, whole families left their villages to walk to the coast for a sea crossing to the ancient port town of Dénia on the mainland.

From Dénia they trekked up into the mountains and the valleys of the Marinas. They brought with them everything they needed to start anew in the villages vacated by the expelled Moorish community.

They also brought with them the Mallorcan culture and language to sow the seeds of a cultural heritage that, until recently, was almost completely forgotten.

The Mallorcan’s Way, known locally as Es Camí des Mallorquins, retraces the journey from Dénia on the coast to the small villages scattered throughout  the valleys of Las Marinas. The complete trek includes over 500 kilometres of trails that link together all of the whitewashed villages that dot the cultivated valleys and limestone sierras of Las Marinas.

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